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NFPA 1911 and ISO require yearly pump testing
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Smeal Fire Apparatus

       Clintwood Volunteer Fire Department                Greenwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue
2008 Smeal Custom Pumper                                2008 Smeal Custom Pumper
                Spartan Big Easy Chassis                                          Smeal Sirius Chassis

                Campbell County, Virginia                                Sterling Volunteer Fire Department
          2008 Smeal 100' Aerial Platform                          2007 Smeal Rear Mount 105' Aerial
                    Smeal Sirius Chassis                                            Smeal Sirius Chassis

  Zion Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department              Fairfields volunteer Fire Department     
2008 Smeal Custom Side Mount Pumper            2008 Smeal Custom Top Mount Pumper
                    Smeal Sirius Chassis                                                Smeal Sirius Chassis

          Stafford County fire and Rescue                          Aldie Volunteer Fire Department       
        2007 Smeal Rear Mount 105' Aerial              2007 Smeal Custom Side Mount Pumper
                    Smeal Altair Chassis                                              Smeal Sirius Chassis